From Monday night onward, Amanda Palmer has been retweeting the response to her request for a Robin Williams tribute; as a memorium, and and to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. She posted some of them in her recent blog, but you can follow the hashtag on twitter. There are an amazing amount, and this more than anything else I’ve seen has shown the extent and impact of Robin Williams’ death.
Here is her blog with a few choice images.

Love of words

I love words.
I love typography.
I love reading well written words.
I love made-up words.
They’re kinda my thing.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a sign outside my house, like bars or churches (Bible Belt represent!) have near sidewalks and roadways.
When I finally bought a house, I confessed to Ben how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t be able to live out my dream of posting a new quote each day for those passing by to read.
I don’t think he ever realized how serious I was about that dream. (Nevermind the piles and stacks and notebooks and files computer documents of thousands and thousands of quotes.)

All this to tell you, I really love words, man. Quotes specifically. I spent more time finding the perfect quotes and writing out the perfect phrases for our elopement ceremony than I did trying to find a dress. A LOT more time.

So, I really appreciate it when people get creative with their various signage:




Cheers, all!

Just a few resolutions from The Petler Inn for 2014:

•Blog more (ahem)
•Organize/Fucking Do Something
with the thousands of photos in
my house
•Keep up with all books read
•Add Pilates/yoga 2-3 times a week

•Buy a RG3120
•Make more videos
•Start running again

All the best.


It’s July 31st

…and with 153 days left in the year, I thought it might be nice if I showed back up here.

One day I’ll be regular. I promise.
I just need some more prunes.

(Get it? It’s a poor witticism about human excrement!)

Maybe I shouldn’t be back more often.

How about some photos from my phone?

This is from a week-ish ago; I always joke about how all the dogs love Food Lady (that’s me) the very most, and in wintertime, their warmth is most welcome, but during the summer it can be a bit stifling. Look closely here and you can see our large 75lb puppy, our small fat old bear, my Rock Star (that’s Ben), and me underneath all of them.

This is from an independent shoot I helped on for a prospective pilot. The audio guy couldn’t make it, so he just sent the equipment out with us. Pictured is the DP, the producer, and the talent, all trying to figure out all those confusing wires.

This is my beloved Rock Star, wasted nearly beyond recognition around 4am after his birthday party. By this point I’m pretty sure he’s moved on to straight water.


These two are from our family beach trip to celebrate Oma’s 85th birthday. Lots of fun with an amazing amount alcohol flowing to keep all the Germans in good spirits.

Oh! I nearly forgot!! We’re now an aunt/uncle…we now have a niece. She was born with a heart defect, poor thing has already had major heart surgery and she’s not even eight weeks old.


The above awesome photo was taken from the Instagram page of Adelinakajtazovic

Ben went on a five week tour with Whitechapel from April-May. He had a ton of fun and I had to wash my own dishes.

And our puppy Zhora and chubby old bear Attila are still hanging around too!

Well wishes and happy thoughts cannot be stated any better than the way the wonderful Mr. Gaiman does:


My lovely Rock Star, Ben, posted his annual Best Albums list from 2012. I’d like to say I have an opinion on this, but his musical taste is opinionated enough for our ousehold.

ben eller guitars

Its that time of year again! 2011 was a tough act to follow, considering it featured album releases by most of my favorite bands. But 2012 was no slouch either, delivering several super high quality albums that i am sure to listen to for years! Here’s some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Meshuggah: Koloss- Of course this is one of my favorites. I am a complete sucker for anything they do. Koloss is maybe the most straightforward album they’ve done yet, but don’t let that make you think its a commercial venture. Its just as brutal as anything they’ve ever done. They don’t exactly break a whole lot of new ground, but its a slow refinement of ideas they’ve been building their entire career. I think i could also listen to this album exclusively just for the guitar tone, which is pretty much perfect. Definitely the best and…

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That’s right. I get super busy, think about blogging, don’t blog, then repeat every few weeks until I realize it’s been so fucking long since I did blog, that I cannot even remember the last post.


I’d say I’m going to get back into regular blogging (start?) but it is the holiday season and we are stupidly busy and I’m still figuring out what kind of apps I want on my new phone so let us spare ourselves that obvious lie, okay?

So, hello to you and here is a picture of my darling dogs I fiddled with in some photo apps I’m testing (you know, instead of writing our Christmas cards or working on the [way-too-fucking] many hand-made gifts I’ve assigned myself):