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From Monday night onward, Amanda Palmer has been retweeting the response to her request for a Robin Williams tribute; as a memorium, and and to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. She posted some of them in her recent blog, but you can follow the hashtag on twitter. There are an amazing amount, and this more than anything else I’ve seen has shown the extent and impact of Robin Williams’ death.
Here is her blog with a few choice images.


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Love of words

I love words.
I love typography.
I love reading well written words.
I love made-up words.
They’re kinda my thing.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a sign outside my house, like bars or churches (Bible Belt represent!) have near sidewalks and roadways.
When I finally bought a house, I confessed to Ben how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t be able to live out my dream of posting a new quote each day for those passing by to read.
I don’t think he ever realized how serious I was about that dream. (Nevermind the piles and stacks and notebooks and files computer documents of thousands and thousands of quotes.)

All this to tell you, I really love words, man. Quotes specifically. I spent more time finding the perfect quotes and writing out the perfect phrases for our elopement ceremony than I did trying to find a dress. A LOT more time.

So, I really appreciate it when people get creative with their various signage:


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Cheers, all!

Just a few resolutions from The Petler Inn for 2014:

•Blog more (ahem)
•Organize/Fucking Do Something
with the thousands of photos in
my house
•Keep up with all books read
•Add Pilates/yoga 2-3 times a week

•Buy a RG3120
•Make more videos
•Start running again

All the best.


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My lovely Rock Star, Ben, posted his annual Best Albums list from 2012. I’d like to say I have an opinion on this, but his musical taste is opinionated enough for our ousehold.

ben eller guitars

Its that time of year again! 2011 was a tough act to follow, considering it featured album releases by most of my favorite bands. But 2012 was no slouch either, delivering several super high quality albums that i am sure to listen to for years! Here’s some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Meshuggah: Koloss- Of course this is one of my favorites. I am a complete sucker for anything they do. Koloss is maybe the most straightforward album they’ve done yet, but don’t let that make you think its a commercial venture. Its just as brutal as anything they’ve ever done. They don’t exactly break a whole lot of new ground, but its a slow refinement of ideas they’ve been building their entire career. I think i could also listen to this album exclusively just for the guitar tone, which is pretty much perfect. Definitely the best and…

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Which means there is no show tonight.

Which means I’m not going to be sitting behind a camera listening to The Talent yell about sales.

Which means I can basically do whatever I want.


And because I can do whatever the fuck I want. I just made myself a lunch that consisted of some crackers, an apple, and cheese. And it was DELICIOUS!

I also watched this while I ate. It’s a TED talk from David Christian where he gives the entire history of the universe in 18 minutes. Definitely one of the better TED talks I’ve watched.

And the rest of my day will be full up with dogs and laundry and collecting items to yard sale and making a big delicious bowl of chili.


Hopefully your day will be as wonderful as mine!

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Oh, dear. So with the exception of “40 Acres” and “Karl Kani” I totally did all do these:

Untapped ’90s Trends

…. and maybe I still can be accused of four or five of them…

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Epic birthday is epic!

Ben here…. i indeed still exist! Last time i blogged on here, i was a heathenous un-wed 26 year old. I am now 27, married, and even more of a heathen.
I just celebrated my 27th birthday over the weekend. Lemme tell ya, my whole life up until i met my WifeFriend, i had pretty boring birthdays…. maybe a sleepover. maybe a cake. always awkward grandparent moments. But thanks to my girly whirly, over the past decade i’ve had the best birthdays ever, and this one is no exception!
The festivities began Friday night with my party. It was a somewhat small-ish group of my best buddies, which is perfect by me. The older i get, the less i enjoy massive parties at our place where i feel the urge to scout around to make sure everyone is having fun and behaving reasonably well. The night started when my friend J.R., who i have known my entire life, gave me the gift of the best Ultimate Warrior shirt i have ever seen. He also gave me a kickass Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt and Katamari Forever for PS3. I wore the Ultimate Warrior shirt for 2.5 days straight after that. Our friend Skittles delivered an amazing gift of a bottle of Bookers, a bottle of Blantons, and a Blu Ray copy of Life!!!! I certainly can’t deserve such wonderful things. There were many other goodies and other whiskies exchanged. Oh! And Mousse and his wife made me some custom dish towels featuring penguins and Mark Gormly. Super sweet.
The party was epic. I was totally hammered beyond reason. Giving me whisky on my birthday is an open invite to see me tanked beyond the point of hope. The party concluded with an amazing sing along kitchen floor jam session that lasted till about 4 or 5 a.m. I don’t remember when anyone left. Good times.
The next day, i woke up almost un-hungover (god i love bourbon), and we went to the Knoxville Gay Pride parade, me still wearing the Ultimate Warrior shirt (which was a raving hit, surprisingly). More good times.
Sunday not a whole lot went on. Had a good band practice. Took off the Warrior shirt 😦 but otherwise good.
Monday was my actual birthday. We slept late, then WifeFriend made me eggs in a basket with bacon, tomato, orange juice, milk, and coffee. One of the best ways to start your day of all time, no doubt! Then we sped off to a matinee showing of X-Men First Class. I was really impressed at how good it was! We both really enjoyed it. Looking back on it, its probably my favorite of all the X-Men movies, and it makes me extremely hopeful that one day they will make an amazing movie of the Age of Apocalypse storyline (my favorite comic book story arc of all time). After that, we went to our favorite used book/cd/movie store, where i found Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Lost Trident Sessions album. Winnar! I also received a few sweet books as b-day gifts from mah honey.
I was treated to a lovely b day lunch at my favorite Thai place. I learned the hard way that when you order two spring rolls as an appetizer, you are not, in fact, ordering two rolls. You are ordering 2 orders of spring rolls. This means 6 spring rolls. So in Thai menu speak, 2 spring rolls = 6 spring rolls. Remember this, it can save you from a lifetime of shame from overcrowding your table with needless tasty spring rolls. What a menace i am. But the wonderful Rama curry washed away my shame with its spicy, peanut-y goodness.
After that we went and picked up my ice cream cake from Marble Slab (mint chocolate chip ice cream cake emblazoned with “happy birthday ultimate warrior” on top. winnar.), and went home to speed-clean the messy house before family arrived. And family did arrive.
I like both of our families, i really do. I do dislike all children, which is kind of a problem when you have one at your family birthday party. Oh well. I trudged on and ate that yummy cake. Got more cool stuff, a few nice shirts, some cash, some flip flops…. good stuff. Then the coup de grace, my better half’s gift… got a sweet 3 speed record player and a set of Bose speakers to go with it! Heaven! I need to get some cable to hook up the speakers, but after i do i will be in vinyl bliss. Can’t wait to hear Passion and Warfare on vinyl…. and Obzen…. and Torche… and Blackwater Park….. yummy.
But anyway, i had an excellent birthday. Plus i’m very proud that i broke my old record for “years consecutively lived”. And that’s always nice.

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