It’s Thursday

Which means there is no show tonight.

Which means I’m not going to be sitting behind a camera listening to The Talent yell about sales.

Which means I can basically do whatever I want.


And because I can do whatever the fuck I want. I just made myself a lunch that consisted of some crackers, an apple, and cheese. And it was DELICIOUS!

I also watched this while I ate. It’s a TED talk from David Christian where he gives the entire history of the universe in 18 minutes. Definitely one of the better TED talks I’ve watched.

And the rest of my day will be full up with dogs and laundry and collecting items to yard sale and making a big delicious bowl of chili.


Hopefully your day will be as wonderful as mine!


Right. I am a blog lurker. Mostly.

I started reading random blogs in college, but I really came into the blog world when I started working an incredibly shitty job all by myself for nine hours a day (didn’t get to leave for lunch because I was always alone) in a ghetto used CD/DVD/Video Game store for three-and-a-half years. All the work would be done in two or three hours, minus the customer service bit, of course. And obviously there were never many customers as they only kept one fucking employee (not that I’m bitter).
Right. So for six days a week over three years I spent a lot of time in a large moldy, mostly empty store.

With the Internet. God. The Internet is so fucking cool. If I brought a book, when a customer would walk in, the first thing I’d get was some dumbass comment about “workin real hard.”
But if I’m on the Internet, it appears as if I am working.

But the problem is I don’t know what to do with myself and the Internet for so long a time. Celebrity news is not interesting; I left the store TV on news channels all day; porn’s use does me no good in a large building with a glass wall; and anything that required audio was no good as I had to keep music playing throughout the store all day long. So I started finding blogs, and I’ve kept up with most of my favourites.

But the thing is I rarely comment. And if I do comment, I usually forget to go back and see if anyone replied to my comment (luckily email notifications help).

What’s interesting about most of the blogs I read is how I probably wouldn’t get along with the writers in real life. I love the writing, the stories, but I doubt that we could get past an initial first awkward meeting.

A month-ish ago, reading my twitter feed while Ben browsed the hipster music store in downtown Knoxville I realized one of my favourite bloggers was in my town. And not just in my town, but in the same area of my town that I was currently wandering around in and killing time. When I told Ben, he asked if I wanted to contact her and see if she wanted to get a drink.

“What? Oh…………umm…….yes?
Wait. No. I don’t think I want to. I thing she’d annoy the piss out of me if I actually talk to
her and I love her blog too much to want to ruin it that way.”

And that makes me sad. I would love to meet with these people whose writing I enjoy and who’s lives I have been watching (reading?) for years. Some of them I have seen go from being single to having children with a spouse. I’m invested. I’m curious in a strange voyeuristic way. I want to know all about them, but only at a distance. It’s very bizarre.

On the other hand, there are a few whom I would LOVE to meet and hang out with in real life. I think we’d get along well; my brashness and [incredibly] foul mouth wouldn’t upset them; etc. etc. etc..

One of those few is Brittany from Barefoot Foodie. I found her blog-hopping one day and thought her then-tagline of “not a food blog, just me being a dick” was hilarious. On paper (screen?) she seems like the kind of blogger I wouldn’t want to meet: a Mommy who sometimes writes about being insecure. I adore her.

The woman is fucking hilarious. And honest. And she loves wine! And seems like an incredibly awesome person that I would love to hang out with in the real world. And today, after laughing out loud at another one of her posts and reading it aloud to the rock star while he made coffee, I thought I’d share her. Because the more people who read this woman the better (not that she needs help; she’s quite successful all by herself). She can nearly always improve my day.

Brittany Gibbons

Oh, dear. So with the exception of “40 Acres” and “Karl Kani” I totally did all do these:

Untapped ’90s Trends

…. and maybe I still can be accused of four or five of them…

Visiting Sister

Almost naptime

Almost naptime

Here are Attila and (new puppy) Zhora resting on Jessi’s furniture, most likely waiting on me to leave them alone so they can get some very important napping done.

We drove up to Virginia over the weekend to see one of our three favourite people who reside there, sister Jess (although I’m the only one allowed to call her “sister.”)

She lives in the tiniest of towns and even if I hadn’t been all headachy for most of the trip, we didn’t go out and DO a whole lot. Not that we are “doing” kind of people; our plans for tonight include ordering in our favourite Mexican food and making margaritas while we watch X-Files. (What? Nerds? …..alright…maybe)

And it was a ton of fun seeing Zhora run around and play with Jessi’s wonderful dog, Lizzy. Unfortunately there are no adorable pictures of dogs playing as they move too damn fast.

Then we came home and spent some time with the other two people we love in Virginia who had each came to Tennessee separately for weddings of their own friends.

Happy dogs saying hello

Happy dogs saying hello

Love her

I remember the first time I listened to Tidal by Fiona Apple (which was years after it had originally been released) all the way through. It was amazing. So raw. I instantly loved her and have bought each album she has since released (all four in total). Her newest album just came out a couple of weeks ago and is just as wonderful as I expect out of her.

Being surrounded by professional musicians, there is no doubt of my musical ignorance. But still, every now and then I do come across some artist that does affect me, and Ms. Apple is one of them.

The other day I had my iPod shuffling through all songs whilst I cleaned and her “Extraordinary Machine” song came on. I had forgotten how great it was and thought I’d share it. It’s from the album of the same title that was released in 2005:


But I’m more concerned with the candy-asses who may buy something just because it’s the newest, prettiest thing. Have you heard about Apple’s new model? The MacBook Pro with Retina display.

It’s nice. It’s gorgeous actually. But you know what it costs? The base price is $2,200.00 and that is a whole lot of cash.
You may be okay with that. It also has a significant decrease in battery life, which you may also be okay with having. After all, part of the beauty of macs is how easily replaceable their parts are. Back in my college days, one could easily defend the cost of buying a Mac notebook or desktop because the memory, battery, etc. we’re all easily fixed or upgraded.

This is apparently no longer true.

Go ahead and read that link. It’s short. I’ll wait.

Can you believe it??? Well over two thousand dollars for a laptop that is absolutely guaranteed to die within two or three years. I’d have a hard time dealing with that.
I don’t mind buying items that have a set life expectancy. I bought my iPad2 almost a year and a half ago for $700.00 and I use the ever-loving shit out of it. I love it. And when it eventually kicks the bucket, as it will since it has the same fused-casing problem as the new Pro, I’ll be okay with it as I didn’t invest too much money and I will have gotten tons of use out of it. But there is no way that I could justify spending an easy twenty-five hundred dollars for a two-ish year computer.

But I am a bit worried. I foresaw us buying a Mac laptop for Ben next year as his current (non-Mac) one is nearly five years old and if The People buy enough of the new Pro, the old one will no longer be available. And I will have a really hard time trying to convince him to spend almost three times the amount he did on his current laptop on one that will die out in half the amount of time.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, spread the word. Because no matter how cool Apple’s commercials may be, they will never explain this little bit of money-making magic to you.


Anyone who knows me knows I love Batman. Hell, my downstairs bathroom is my “Bat-room” as I’ve put all sorts of Batman-themed memorabilia in it and painted the walls yellow with black and blue towels as if it belonged to a seven year old boy.
And anyone who has spoken to me about Batman knows my feelings about Nolan’s universe of Batman where Christian Bale speaks like a big bad wolf, driving a tank that would never be considered by a respectable Bruce Wayne, feeling nothing like a comic book movie should.

But I still love Batman.

This morning I finally got around to readingthe most unsettling comic news I’ve heard in awhile.

There is so much bad news in this article I don’t even know where to begin:
*Justice League fucking blows; they’re not badass enough as a group
*A Logan’s Run remake?!? STOP WITH THE FUCKING REMAKES!!!
*Lethal Weapon 5?! STOP RUINING PERFECTLY GOOD FRANCHISES (see also how terrified I am at the upcoming fuckup that will be Bladerunner 2)
*They’re recasting everybody?? Bad call, Dudes In Charge
*A Mad Max “reboot” –really?!? Someone said this is a good idea?
*No one likes Superman because he has no faults. This is why all Superman movies suck.
*Individual movies for Flash, Wonder Woman, and Lobo?!? Seriously??

I have a hard time believing that anyone will be excited about any of this news. Bad calls around.