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…and with 153 days left in the year, I thought it might be nice if I showed back up here.

One day I’ll be regular. I promise.
I just need some more prunes.

(Get it? It’s a poor witticism about human excrement!)

Maybe I shouldn’t be back more often.

How about some photos from my phone?

This is from a week-ish ago; I always joke about how all the dogs love Food Lady (that’s me) the very most, and in wintertime, their warmth is most welcome, but during the summer it can be a bit stifling. Look closely here and you can see our large 75lb puppy, our small fat old bear, my Rock Star (that’s Ben), and me underneath all of them.

This is from an independent shoot I helped on for a prospective pilot. The audio guy couldn’t make it, so he just sent the equipment out with us. Pictured is the DP, the producer, and the talent, all trying to figure out all those confusing wires.

This is my beloved Rock Star, wasted nearly beyond recognition around 4am after his birthday party. By this point I’m pretty sure he’s moved on to straight water.


These two are from our family beach trip to celebrate Oma’s 85th birthday. Lots of fun with an amazing amount alcohol flowing to keep all the Germans in good spirits.

Oh! I nearly forgot!! We’re now an aunt/uncle…we now have a niece. She was born with a heart defect, poor thing has already had major heart surgery and she’s not even eight weeks old.


The above awesome photo was taken from the Instagram page of Adelinakajtazovic

Ben went on a five week tour with Whitechapel from April-May. He had a ton of fun and I had to wash my own dishes.

And our puppy Zhora and chubby old bear Attila are still hanging around too!


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Although technically we’re not done with summer yet and we’ve still got some major events coming up in the next two weeks (a birthday party; a bachelor party; a wedding), I just cannot handle how absent I’ve been from my blog. So, to recap in a few images, this has been our summer. (I should also note that Ben’s swirling venture has picked up considerably, and a good portion of this summer as been spent with guitars as a whole and in pieces laying about/dangling down our entire house–fortunately we’ve moved all his music-ish/guitarish things into his new blog and I won’t have to reiterate it here.) We’ve been:

:painting lots of furniture…

now it's black and in the music room/library

:doing a lot of organizing, clearing out, cleaning up…

what you're missing are the five other stacks around/behind the coffee table


If you can get Ollie to sit still, he still looks a bit crazy...

:having Ben’s birthday parties…

well into the night for us

Boston Cream Pie cupcakes over homemade vanilla ice cream

:taking walks at the lake…

and don't forget the Sonic slushies!!!

:going camping with my family…

Those are two outdoorsy kids if I ever saw some!

We make the best camping food ever! EVER!!!

...to be fair, I'm pretty sure princess here was chewing on a stick

Ollie gets all kinds of filthy when he camps

My research-loving, librarian-in-training sister figured out that this is actually an elm sawfly or Cimbex americanadoes. There's a link to it in the comments section. (Thanks, Jess!)

:taking baths…

cleanliness is very important here

:going to the beach with my family (including Sister! YAY!!!)…

PALE PEOPLE!! PALE PEOPLE!!! (it's much better in a doomish sort of voice)

basically this is all I did for seven days; it was blissful


–and whilst we were at the beach, my poor berated mother forced everyone into a black and white portrait session; and while I think the best family image is only adequate, I really love the more individual shots:

My parents may be the cutest couple I've ever met--they're celebrating their 30th anniversary in September this year.

To my mother's constant chagrin, we cannot help being goofy.

caught in a moment of sweetness

My sister, the most adorable woman on the earth.

The motivation behind the entire photoshoot. Please note the underlying sense of aching hunger within each person.

It’s been a great summer and it’s not quite over yet!

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Today we celebrate nine years together. Well, technically tomorrow we celebrate them, but today is the official day. Today I had to work, and he has a show to play tonight. Oh, the life of a rock star. But tomorrow we do nothing but stare at each other until we’re ready to spend a day apart.

Not really.

Really, we’re going to Asheville to wander around and visit some of our very favourite spots. And be all ooey-gooey in public and wish we had enough forethought to order our gift early enough to use. (Anniversaries mean community gifts here at the ole Petler Inn; and this year the gift was a brand new [14 megapixels with super-macro wide angle lens!!!!] point-and-shoot camera for us to carry with us everywhere and also so Kate doesn’t have to be thisclose to an aneurysm each time Ben touches her good Nikon.)

Nine years with a person is a really long time. And it’s even longer when you live in the second notch of The Bible Belt and are still unmarried and have the absolute gall to live together.

And yet it seems like barely anytime at all has passed. He’s still the most amazing person I’ve ever met. And I’m still just so happy I walked up to that bowl-cutted (it’s a word now, dammit) homeschooler shopping with his mother and bugged the ever-living crap out of him until he agreed that yes, I am the most wonderful and fascinating person on the planet.

our happy zombie family


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