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Did I mention that we were busy? I hope so. I hope the complete and utter lack of posting also showed that.

Let’s recap:

*On December 31st, 2010 we moved into a new rental house with a one year lease.
*In mid-April 2011, the owners of the house [heretoforthwith knows as Dickheads] (who had put it up for rent after
it wouldn’t sell when the husband’s job had him transfer out of state TWICE) called our agent to tell her that,
“Hey. The job is moving me back to [local city] and we want our house back.” Period. End of story. So begins
rental hell. With that came several months of neighbours-who-were-previously-sweet-and-super-friendly-and-who
we-later-found-out-were-friends-with-Dickheads [now to be known as Fatties or Assholes Next Door] constantly
calling and complaining about noise from guitars and band practice (they had been totally fine with it for four
months!), sometimes IN TEARS, and traffic from Ben’s students and grass being unmowed (for more than five days,
if it wasn’t mowed, they called our agent complaining about snakes–in a goddamned subdivision!!!). It was awful.
Truly truly horrendously awful. Our sweet sweet agent, who technically worked for The Dickheads, was constantly
apologizing for their retched behavior. Keep in mind, this awfulness lasted NON-FUCKING-STOP from mid-April thru
mid-September. (Including a story from September about me walking out of the shower to find The Dickheads
circling the house with open blinds.)
*On May 7th, 2011, our ten-year anniversary, we got married. It was a semi-elopement that we didn’t tell anyone
about (grandparents got 10 days notice to attend) and was more stress/work than anticipated. Because our
anniversary fell on a Saturday, that meant the courthouse was closed; which meant we had to hire someone; which
meant more money; which also meant we had to have a location in which we could be married; which meant more
money; we wanted to write out our own ceremony; which meant a fuckload of time and even more money…you see
where this is going? All along with the news that The Dickheads wanted to push us out. But you know, it was still
a whole hell of a lot of fun. Plus we had a badass four-day honeymoon of fun.

Sister made the most lovely star garland in our favourite colours for our location.

*Mid-May 2011–Very-Early-August 2011: When we got back from the honeymoon we started looking for houses to
buy…well, first we started talking about buying a house A LOT more seriously than we had planned on doing
(original buy date would be sometime in 2012) and then we started looking to buy. And we looked and looked and
looked and looked and said no to a shitload on the internet and viewed a few houses before rejecting them and our
sweet agent (that same dear hippie lady who kept apologizing for The Dickheads continuing harassment) was about to
give up on us when she e-mailed me one morning with a link to a newly-listed house and the subject line, “LOOK!
LOOK! LOOK!” and inside all it said was, “This one came up in my search this morning and it seems perfect for
you!!!” and it was ADORABLE! And looked so good!! And so very Us. We made an appointment for two days later to
view it and when we pulled up, Dear Agent walked out of the house and told us in no uncertain terms that if we
didn’t buy this house, she will fire us as her clients. Of course we loved it and of course we put in an offer and
of course we ended up buying it. And of course we are absolutely completely and totally head-over-heels-in-love
with our house. OUR HOUSE. It’s beautiful.

Hastily taken photo of front door seconds before we moved in.

I plan on writing a huge post about buying/moving with pictures of the house…but please, be patient for I will
scream if pushed to do too much too fast. My poor Rock Star nearly had a meltdown at the signing of the contract
for the bid for the house. Near. Catastrophic. Meltdown. My wonderful man does not accept change easily. But he
did. And we did. And at the first of August so we began the house-buying process. (Details to come, I hope.)

*Within days of putting in a bid, having the bid countered, signing the contract, having an official house
inspection, etc. etc. etc. we went on our already-planned 10-day vacation to see wonderful people we knew in
Virginia and to tour D.C. (I’d been twice, but my museum-loving Rock Star had never visited). After the incredible
stress of the first part of August, seeing my sister, my lovely and amazing friend, and Ben’s very best friend was
just what we needed to calm the ever-living-fuck down. We first saw Sister and her fabulous dog, Lizzy, then we
stopped at the ever-wonderful Erin’s house, then we trucked up to see Josh in DC. It was fantastic seeing my
sister as it always is when she lives too far away from me; and spending time with Erin is about as happy and
peaceful as any time I’ve ever spent. Josh was an amazing sport about letting us crash at his place and showed us
some wonderful sites (sights?) in the downtown area. With him as our guide we had some of the most amazing food we
had ever eaten. I’m so glad we know wonderful people who enjoy food and history as much as we do. We really do
have fantastic friends.

Happy Lizzy looking for a bellyrub

Me standing inside an Alexander Calder sculpture at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden

Comet Ping Pong's The Smokey & The Yaley--HOLY SHIT! You have to try this pizza!! It's too good to be true!!

Ben in awe of ancient mummy in Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Josh and Ben about to enjoy the hell out of their Dogfish Sampler of various beers

*We came back mid-August (nearly bypassing my birthday entirely [cue: guilt and extreme sadface] and began to
finalize the closing and go through the entirely stressful closing process as well as the extremely stressful
packing-cleaning-moving-cleaning-unpacking process and let me tell you, we have a lot of shit. No. Really. I don’t
think anyone understands just how much shit two childless twenty-somethings can acquire when they live in a house
together for several years. It’s way too much. It’s embarrassing. But on September 17th, 2011 we moved in to what
(if we so choose) could be the last house in which we ever live. [cue: angelic voices singing heavenly tune]

*Since then we have cleaned, unpacked, painted, rearranged, cleaned, unpacked, painted, painted painted,
rearranged, unpacked, cleaned, painted, rearranged, painted, painted, unpacked, painted, tiled, painted,
rearranged and back to tiling and painting some more. That’s house stuff. And [re: hopefully/skeptically] soon I
plan on posting more detail on house stuff if only for my own records.

*October 22nd was the Homecoming Day for my five-year college reunion. Not only did the beautiful Erin come to town
to visit, but I got to catch up with some of my favourite old art alums (how fuckin’ snooty does that sound?!?)
and that was a metric ton of fun–plus we came home with a beautiful piece of art by the always wonderful Robin
Grace Venable
who provided the alumni exhibit this year.

*BUT Halloween is our favourite holiday and last year we were in the process of looking for a new place and had
previously thought we would be moving in October and didn’t decorate at all and just threw a meager little
Halloween party. This year we knew we’d be only five weeks in our new house, but we couldn’t forgo the annual
Petler Inn Halloween Bash, so we invited costumed close friends to our transitioning house for an awful good time.
And the week prior, we participated in something we had always dreamed of doing…sort of: It has been a life goal
of mine (and now the Rock Star’s too) to die some gruesome grisly death in a B-horror zombie movie. Our super
talented friend, Ben (affectionately called Other Ben), participated in a local grindhouse-style horror trailer
contest to go along with a local Horror Fest our town throws each year, and we got to be the zombies!! We had way
too much fun making it, and even though Other Ben’s didn’t win on account of it being “too pretty” and “not
grindhouse enough” (although we counter that the genre he drew, “Knoxploitation” is AWFUL) it was still one of the
best ones entered and we LOVED it.

As for our costumes this year, we went all out for the zombies for the movie and were so focused on cleaning
up/painting/tiling the house before the party, that we didn’t even start to think of anything until seven-ish
hours before the party was supposed to start (with us having to work in between that time-frame). Ben went as
Rorschach from The Watchmen graphic novel and I went as a clean basket of laundry–I was particularly proud of the
crumpled dollar bill and wad of thread I hot-glued to my tshirt along with socks and a sock on my headband. Not
too shabby for last minute; my costume problem also had to account for being able to literally throw it on when I
got home from work in less time than it takes to pee (also accounts for the utter lack of makeup as I drove home
like a maniac and ran upstairs to don Halloween garb). Even though it was small and not-that decorated, it was
still an super fun time with awesome people. And we’ve already started planning out next year and the full on
epicness that will occur.

in zombie garb for pseudo-movie

That damn basket bruised my thighs, I was so sore the next day.

Funnily enough, to answer nerd questions everywhere, he wasn't wearing anything underneath that coat.

And with that, I have skimmed my life forward to present day. There is so much left out and so much more to add. And [WITH GREAT HOPE] I will get back into my regular blogging schedule; which is to say, two or three times a month.



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We’ve been unbelievably busy on the house/moving/etc. and my only goal for tomorrow is posting a new blog. Promise.

As it is, I hope everyone’s been enjoying our favourite holiday:


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I’ve recently broken down and FINALLY bought myself an ipod classic; which of course means I’m going to need a proper case for it (as anyone knows, I tend to toss things into my suitcase-sized handbags and let everything jumble about together). And now I’m looking for cases for it, and there are TONS out there!! I can’t decide if I want some geeky and cute/funny like:

from Nokomomo


from CrankCases

but I really love these beautiful leather ones:

from Beautiful Skin

And of course, it’s absolutely impossible to go to etsy and not look at all the other beautiful things they have:

from Skull and Cross Buns

from Winona Cookie Creations

from MC Stoneworks

from Uncommon Alchemy

from Bloom and Barnacle

from Cheltenham Road

from The Shadow Farm

Now, if possible, I want to decorate the house even more.

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…and breathe.

tea and halloween cookies


After a busy busy week, it’s nice to have a Sunday evening together with tea and leftover Halloween (butter spritz) cookies.


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In honor of our favourite holiday and (one of) our favourite pastime, the month of October is spent watching Halloween-esque movies. Not necessarily scary movies per se, but good Octoberish stuffs.

We’ve been watching (in no particular order):

Addams Family & Addams Family Values: A delightfully dark comedy set whose gothic humour is sorely missed in modern movies. And of which I have recently found out will be on Broadway VERY SOON! (!!!)

Witches: Early ’90s family masterpiece based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Hocus Pocus: Early-mid ’90s Halloween comedic must-see starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, with a young appearance by Thora Birch as the little sister.

Children of the Corn
: Stephen King’s classic short-story about demonic children’s takeover of a small town. This was the first time we had ever seen this movie, and although good, wasn’t quite as gripping or horrifying as it would have been 25 years ago.

The Strangers: Oh, man. I mean, OH! MAN! Have you seen this?! Because it is terrifying. Absolutely and completely. I love me some monsters movies, old classic horror films, just about anything zombie related, and although I may jump or be anxious during, afterwards I can happily critique with everyone else. But this movie. This. Movie. I had nightmares following it’s viewing. No kidding. Scared me that bad. But it’s good. It’s really well made. Ben was writing and I was working on my xmas gifts when we started it, halfway through we realized we were both sitting on the edge of the sofa, absolutely gripped by the movie. That good.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: The Coppala classic; wonderful, enchanting, and after watching some of the special features, highly impressive. Despite being made in the age of the green screen, Coppola insisted on all the special effects being done on set or in camera. What used to be one of our top movies of all time quickly became one of our most impressive (and let me tell you, we’re a hard group to impress).

Nightmare on Elm Street: Classic horror. Just wonderful. I still maintain the character of Freddy Kreugar is one of the best villains ever created–what child didn’t get scared during the night and wish for sleep to rescue her (or him)? To give us a villain that attacked us when we are necessarily vulnerable, is pure genius.

Shaun of the Dead: HILARIOUS!! I love this English spoof! It sealed my love for the charming Simon Pegg.

Zombieland (in theatres): Oh, my!! This movie was fantastic!!! With a completely adorable and totally unexpected cameo by one of my favourite actors of all time. This movie exceeded my already high expectations. If you’re looking for a fun zombie flick, check this out!

Pet Sematary
: A King classic. It’s slightly dated nowadays, but nothing creepier than that child (later to appear in Kindergarten Cop) slashing ankles from beneath the bed–scared me so bad as a young’un that to this day, I don’t like placing my feet on the floor beside my bed in the dark.

Drag Me to Hell
: This movie was surprisingly very good. My friend had to really talk me into watching this one–nearly forcing me to watch it and I actually really loved it. It’s from director Sam Raimi (of Evil Dead fame long before those god-awful Spider-Man movies) and it’s a return to his specialty–campy, brutal horror classic film. I really loved it, and as Ben said, “I can totally see Bruce Campbell playing the lead role too.”

Wind Chill: A fairly recent movie, I give it props for suspense and a somewhat original story, the acting wasn’t too bad, but it was a bit predictable and took a turn of cheesiness toward the end; but overall it was pretty good and it was a hell of a lot better than remaking all the old classics (I’m looking right at you, Michael Bay; do you know what an original story is?!?).

Frailty: Extremely good suspense/thriller!! Loved this movie about a supremely religious family; surprisingly well acted by everyone involved (this included Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey).

Pontypool: This movie had the makings of being one of the best, one of the most creative Zombie-esque films ever. EVER. While watching this, the frame of thought is a consistent “This is Brilliant!!” and then you hit the last 10 minutes and everything falls flat. So horribly flat that it ruins the first 2/3 of this movie. The basis is a small town radio station is trying to deal with some kind of bizarre virus and nearly all of the terror is audio as people are calling in with information. It was really very well done–until you get to the last bit. I don’t even know if I could recommend this to anyone.

Sleepy Hollow: We’re major league Tim Burton fans at the Petler Inn, and this is one of our favourites–if for no other reason than it co-stars the ever lovely Ms. Ricci and the indomitable Christopher Walken.

Dog Soldiers: Surprisingly very good. There’s not enough werewolf movies out there (although with The Wolfman being released soon, I’d say we’re on the verge of a trend).

Zombie Honeymoon
: This was watched one night while baking sans Ben; and it’s basically like someone’s very first movie. And I love me come campy B movies, and if this movie had taken me to where I thought it was going to end, I probably would have loved it; but the ending is sappy and couldn’t balance the campy gore in the first half.

Trick-R-Treat: Ben watched this and loved it, I’ll let him review it: “It was totally awesome. Lots of tributes to classic horror flicks in this one! It bears repeat viewings for sure. It has multiple story lines (all dealing with classic halloween themes) that all criss cross over each other. Good stuff!”

Young Frankenstein: A pumpkin-carving tradition in my family, we’ve seen this Mel Brooks classic so many times we’ve got it memorized.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Bing Crosby narrates this cartoon Halloween tradition.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Should anything else be said? Perhaps, “I got a rock.”

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2: Love these movies! The first one is better than the 2nd, but they are so classic, I don’t understand how anybody could not love them.

Dead & Breakfast
: Probably my favourite B movie of all time, probably. With David Carradine and Diedrich Bader alongside a cast of virtual unknowns including a youngish Portia de Rossi and having a singing cowboy-turned zombie as the narrator, how could it be bad?

And viewing during our annual Halloween bash included:

Zombie 2: The best zombie movie ever. EVER.

Ernest Scared Stupid
: childhood classic; RIP Jim Varney

Night of the Living Dead
: Definitive zombie movie.

There were SO many more I would have liked to add to the list, and we’ll probably end up watching these during the long winter months:
Carrie (Ben has never seen!!)
Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein
Paranormal Activity
Poltergeist (neither of us have ever watched this one)
The Thing (another classic Ben’s never watched)
Trick-R-Treat (so I can see it)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (I’ve never watched this one either; shameful, I know)
BeetleJuice (I’m upset about missing this one)

…and I’m sure there are others still.


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We love Halloween over at the Petler Inn, I thought I’d share some of our numerous decorations. And yeah, I know a lot of people out there want to decorate their house all Stewart-y classy and stuff, but we go for fun around these parts.

jack-o-latern painting

During a movie, Ben painted this for us.

scary skeleton

hanging on our porch

creepy blackbird

we have a couple of these lurking high above

it's a cling!

we have several of these evil rats climbing around our baseboards

love those candles holders!

the spider candle holders are one of my favourites

rat silhouettes are cool

these can be found climbing all over our house

skull collection

Ben sculpted the black jar skull several years ago

spider switch

I love these!! They're all over the house in unexpected places

kitchen gore

I thought the blood splatter was a nice touch

flying skelatal demon

don't know what he is, but we call him Fred

And there you have it. I’m happy to claim that nearly all of these things we found at our local Dollar store–the trick to dollar store (and Big Lots) shopping is to go a month prior to the holiday when they first lay out their shipments. Then you get first pick, and usually only pick as most supreme bargain stores do not restock any supplies, especially holiday stuffs.
It’s not much, and we dream of the day when we can spend $25 or $75 on Halloween decorations, but we love our little haunted abode.


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October’s Here!!!

Time to Party

Halloween is our favourite holiday and we go all out. Typically, our house would be at least halfway decorated by now, but we’ve had a busy weekend, watching awesome movies, and participating in local events.

We’re gearing up for our best Halloween party yet. As it will be our last one in Tn, we’re wanting to go out in bloody style!


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